At Townsville Grammar School we believe that teaching and learning is our core purpose. We believe that the achievement of enhanced academic outcomes and personal best performance is a product of shared values, practices and commitment to excellence.

At Grammar we believe:

  • Excellence is a product of personal best effort.
  • Academic honesty and integrity are not negotiable.
  • Students must accept responsibility for their own performance.
  • Excuses for academic underachievement are always unacceptable.
  • Teachers play a pivotal role in the management of optimal student learning experiences.
  • Girls and boys learn differently and teaching practices must recognise not only differences in what boys and girls can do, but what boys and girls want to do.
  • Engaging and authentic teaching and learning practices will integrate learning technologies to enable our students to be more fully prepared for life beyond school.
  • Families and the boarding environment play a key role in enhancing student learning outcomes.
  • The School accepts responsibility for reporting to parents in a manner that is both timely and meaningful.
  • The School accepts responsibility for promoting an academic culture where learning and scholastic achievement are highly valued.
Academic Charter