Year 10

Business Studies

This elective aims to provide students with a basic understanding of commerce, economic and legal systems. Whilst this course is not a prerequisite, it would provide useful background for future studies in Accounting, Economics, and/or Legal Studies. The course also provides students with valuable life skills in the areas of personal money management, investment on the share market, knowledge of the economy, basic book keeping skills and the operation our legal system.

Year 11 and 12


Accounting is a Queensland Studies Authority Subject offered for four semesters across Years 11 and 12. Accounting is an interesting and challenging subject which gives students an insight into the business world, incorporating budget planning and financial record keeping. This course covers both manual and electronic accounting systems. The MYOB accounting package is studied.


Economics is offered as a Queensland Studies Authority Subject and as a subject in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. It is offered across four semesters in Years 11 and 12. Economics unravels the mysteries of living in contemporary society with the aim of making students more economically literate. Students gain knowledge relevant to understanding local and national issues, including; interest rate and Australian dollar movements, the affect of demand and supply on prices and business, share markets, role of government in the economy, environmental management and issues related to developing countries, trade and globalisation. Economics is an elective in the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Legal Studies

Legal Studies is a Queensland Studies Authority Subject offered for four semesters across Years 11 and 12. Legal Studies looks at raising the awareness of how the legal system influences and regulates our daily lives, and the study of this subject also provides a basis for the study of Law at university. Legal Studies aims to develop knowledge, thinking and practical skills, as well as the attitudes and values that will enhance students’ awareness and ability to participate actively as more informed members of our democratic society.