Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are able to choose from the subjects outlined below:

Technology Studies: Year 10

This is a School-based subject that focuses on preparing those students intending to undertake senior Technology Studies and Industrial Skills (Practical Applications) in Years 11 and 12. The course underpins the theoretical and practical concepts studied in the senior subjects listed below.

Technology Studies: Years 11 & 12

Technology Studies is an Authority Subject designed for students who anticipate studying for careers in Engineering (civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, etc), product design and a wide variety of associated professions.

Graphics: Years 11 & 12

The Senior Graphics course is an Authority Subject primarily designed for students who wish to pursue a career in architecture, drafting, product and graphic design, business graphics and engineering (civil, mechanical, structural or electrical). The course is also of benefit to students who are considering a career in the building and construction industry.

Manufacturing (Building and Construction Studies): Years 11 & 12

Building and Construction Studies is an Authority Registered subject designed to provide students with work, life and leisure skills, and the opportunity to develop their cognitive and manipulative skills. The course also covers all aspects of building construction, and develops skills essential for effective and safe manipulation of a variety of building materials.

Engineering Manufacturing: Year 11

This is a School-based subject focusing on developing knowledge in the area of metalworking. A wide variety of processes that include MIG and Arc Welding, brazing, sheet metal fabrication, etc. are investigated.

Further information on these subjects is contained in the Subject Information Handbooks, please click here.