Design and Technology at Townsville Grammar School aims at preparing young people for a life in a society increasingly dependent on a wide variety of technologically sophisticated products and systems. Students undertake a variety of projects and activities that encompass a broad spectrum of materials, processes and systems.

The Design and Technology Centre is equipped with a wide range of hand and power tools enabling students to construct their designs, and have access to a variety of media to assist them with their design and research assignments.

Years 7-9

Foundation Studies in Design and Technology

Years 10-12

The Senior Programme consists of the following courses:

Authority Subjects:

  • Technology Studies: Year 11 and 12
  • Graphics: Years 11 and 12

Authority Registered Subject:

  • Manufacturing (Building and Construction Studies): Years 11 and 12

School Subject:

  • Technology Studies: Year 10
  • Engineering Manufacturing: Years 11 and 12