The Middle School’s English programme has been designed to provide a smooth transition from Primary language and literature programs to the more academic focus present in the later years of schooling.  Students also take part in our Townsville Grammar School Writing Competition.

Year 7

Year 7 English programme is deliberately flexible, allowing for negotiation and collaboration in this first vital year of Middle School. This dynamic program includes a language skills lesson each week based on "English Basics" and incorporating weekly homework activities, our wide reading programme, and regular creative writing activities. Students explore and create a wide range of written, spoken and visual texts.

Year 8

A language skills lesson each week based on Complete English Basics 2 and incorporating weekly homework activities is the cornerstone of our Year 8 English program. This is crucial in order to develop effective homework patterns and an excellent foundation in vocabulary and basic literacy skills. Throughout this program, students cover topics such as the representation of news in the media, both fictional and non-fictional novels, short stories, plays and film studies. 

Year 9

The focus of the Year 9 English programme shifts to include a detailed analysis of the styles of writing required in Senior English. Students continue their work through their Complete English Basics 3 textbooks. Students are asked to create a range of written and spoken genres, from an analytical essay and feature article to creative endings for stories, telling tall tales and presenting persuasive speeches. Students consolidate their basic language skills and continue to develop those critical literacy techniques which are so important in Senior English.