Performing Arts (PA) is a compulsory subject for all students from Year 7-9. The aim of the course is to combine dance, music and drama in order to explore, strengthen and value multi-arts experiences while recognising that each strand has its own characteristics and body of knowledge.

The focus of Performing Arts is on performance using all of the elements of the Arts to achieve this. Learning experiences link art forms to other areas of the curriculum, with contexts varying from past and present, Australian and the World, and aesthetics.In Year 10-12, can elect to take the subject of Drama. This subject seeks to develop skills and understandings that are transferable to a variety of artistic, social and work related contexts. It builds self-discipline, confidence and communication skills and allows students to experience vicariously, situations which might be traumatic in real life.

For more information download the in the Subject Information Handbooks available on this website.