At Townsville Grammar School we believe our core purpose in boarding is to care for and nurture the students who have been placed in our charge.  We strive to make residential life a positive experience for all students by providing a care system that recognises the individual and provides a caring ‘family like’ environment based on trust, cooperation and open communication.

We believe:

  • A safe and secure environment is our first priority.
  • Our boarders should consider their boarding house as their ‘home away from home’.
  • Every member of the boarding community has a role to play in the creation of a caring ‘boarding family’ where we all look after each other.
  • Personal best can be realised through the fostering of sound study habits.
  • Our boarders should be given the opportunity to participate in stimulating and challenging sporting, cultural and recreational activities to foster personal growth and a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  • Independence and self-reliance are important life skills for all boarders to learn and apply.
  • Our boarders need to take ownership of their behaviour and accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Honesty and integrity are vital for a successful boarding life.
  • Pride in self engenders pride and care for our physical boarding environment.
  • Mutual respect fosters good interpersonal relationships and celebration of difference.