Townsville Grammar School has a very active and successful Debating and Public Speaking programme as part of the co-curricular life of the School.


North Ward Campus (Years 7 - 12):
All students from Years 7 - 12, have the opportunity to partake in Interschool Debating. Townsville Grammar School enters a Junior and Senior team in the Apex Debating Competition held nation wide. 

Annandale Campus (Pre-Prep - Year 6):
Debating is for Year 6 at the Junior School and exists as an interhouse competition. The competition runs mainly in Term 4, weekly until two finalists emerge. Every student has the opportunity to debate and then teams put forward their best candidates for the finals series. Students learn how to present arguments and points of view, and also learn the etiquette of debating, including the roles of the speakers, learning how to rubuff / rebuke an argument, summarising and presenting an point of view with conviction.

Public Speaking

North Ward Campus (Years 7-12):
Public Speaking is open to all students to engage in School-based heats for selection in interschool competitions which operate at a regional and whole state level.

Annandale Campus (Pre-Prep - Year 6):
The Annandale Campus has two public speaking events in its calendar.  The Junior School Public Speaking Competition is the culmination of the work students have completed in class in the Speaking and Listening strand of the English curriculum.  The final is held in the evening to allow parents and guest to come and enjoy the oratory talents of our young students.

This event is followed by the Townsville Grammar Interschool Public Speaking Competition. The top public speakers at the Junior School compete against the best Townsville has to offer at this highly competitive event.  Judges are kindly provided by Toastmasters and this is yet another opportunity for our students to shine.


Gavel Club


“Toast, anyone?”
“Yes, please”.
To make a ‘toast’ as a mark of honour comes from the Roman practice of dropping a piece of burnt bread into bad wine to make it more palatable. In Shakespeare’s play The Merry Wives of Windsor, the character Falstaff asks for toast to be put in his ‘quart of sack’, and the modern use of the word ‘toasting’ began. Toasting became so popular in the 17th and 18th centuries that the craft of Toastmasters came into being.

Our Townsville Grammar Toastmasters International School Gavel Club provides you with an opportunity to:

  • belong to a dynamic School Club
  • develop meeting procedural practices
  • acquire important work skills for your future career
  • enhance your Public Speaking skills
  • enrich your Leadership skills

As the Australian demographer Bernard Salt remarked, 

“The next things the workforce of the future will require are soft skills like the ability to fit in seamlessly and to relocate and to adapt to different circumstances. It is the ability to walk up to a group and to self-confidently introduce yourself and to ask questions.” 

Our School Gavel Club is open to Junior and Senior School students, and this provides a refreshing mix of students of varying ages. 

The Gavel Club meet every second Monday 3:30 to 4:30.