Townsville Grammar School is an outward looking learning institution that embraces students from different cultures.  At the North Ward Campus there are approximately 30 students who speak English as their second language (ESL).

The group of ESL students studying at the School receive language support. Specialist ESL teachers are timetabled to teach multi-age groups across the Middle School, and the Senior School. The School recognises the importance of providing direct language assistance to this group to enhance their learning outcomes.

In the Middle School (Years 7 - 9) ESL students are timetabled two periods per week;  or four per cycle of ESL teaching. A course has been developed based on a text, that allows the teacher to differentiate for the various levels of learners in the class. In this way the needs of all learners are addressed and students extended at a suitable pace.

School reports on student progress are provided regularly at the end of each term. The four lessons per cycle are scheduled across different classes in the week to ensure students are not missing time from any one class. Students are withdrawn from regular classes to attend this class for ESL. ESL classes are kept small to maximise the ratio of students to teacher.

In the Senior School (Years 10 - 12) ESL classes are offered on Thursday afternoon, in lieu of the Elective programme operating. Hence, senior ESL students do not disrupt their core classes to attend ESL classes. The classes target key language concepts and skills. The senior ESL programme is based on a spiralling curriculum, which is differentiated to accommodate the various learning needs and levels of students.

In addition to ESL classes, the School offers specific tutorials to students. Should an ESL student struggle with exam preparation or assignments they can attend subject tutorials and receive help to complete their homework. The specific details regarding tutorials is available on our website - please click here.

As additional support, ESL students are eligible for Special Consideration in relation to internal assessment at Townsville Grammar School. For example under test conditions students can receive 15 minutes extra per hour;  they may take a dictionary to the exam;  they can ask that the teacher read the question aloud to them.


[LEFT]   ESL Private Study time during school and in the evening for boarding students   
[RIGHT]   Japanese Rotary exchange student


Years 7 - 9

  • ESL classes run four per cycle.
  • Students are withdrawn from various classes, for ESL lessons.
  • Student progress is reported 4 times per year.

Years 10 - 12

  •  ESL classes run four per cycle
  • Students study ESL in lieu of the Thursday afternoon optional programme.
  • ESL students are eligible for Special Consideration for QSA assessment.