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A Grammar Education for Boarding

30th November 2020

As one of eight Grammar schools in Queensland, Townsville Grammar School is widely renowned for delivering an exceptional education, where students are encouraged and supported to strive for personal best, whatever that may represent to the individual.

“A Grammar education is ultimately about personal best,” said Townsville Grammar School Principal,  Mr Timothy Kelly. “We set the standards high for respectful behaviours, and this translates into maximised learning in the classroom and into a school culture where manners, inclusivity, a sense of welcome and joy are evident.  Our students are encouraged and supported every day to strive for their best, and we believe this is an important attitude for life beyond school - for relationships, families, workplaces and communities.

“This is what a Grammar education strives to achieve. Young people with character, with a service mindset, with manners and respect for self and others.”

This educational philosophy translates into the Boarding House where the culture of personal best, positive relationships, respect and values is the foundation for the boarding community.

Director of Boarding, Mr Jaye Beutel, said it is the intangibles that create the difference. “Whilst we offer all of the facilities and services that you would expect of a Boarding Program, it is the intangibles that make the difference - our culture, the atmosphere of our Boarding House and the relationships between Boarding staff and students. These are things that are difficult to describe, but are easy to see and feel once you visit our Boarding House and School.”


Townsville Grammar School’s Boarding House is located on the edge of the School's rugby ovals and netball courts, adjacent to campus facilities including a 50m pool and gymnasium.  The School is located within easy walking distance to Castle Hill, The Strand beachfront, Queens Gardens and the Gregory Street Precinct. Facilities such as the Townsville Sports Reserve (Red Track), Tennis Townsville and the Touch Fields are also adjacent to the Campus.

 “Our boarders enjoy a fantastic lifestyle, with our location allowing for access to a range of local attractions and experiences, from walking the iconic Castle Hill, through to  the magnificent Strand beachfront and the Gregory Street precinct with its village-like atmosphere. We are perfectly situated for our students to enjoy our North Queensland lifestyle.

Positive Boarding Experience

“I am passionate about leading a positive boarding experience, providing a home away from home and a boarding family in the truest sense of the word. The relationships our staff and students enjoy is one based on mutual respect with a sense of fun, within a culture of welcome, care and support. I believe this is what we achieve at Townsville Grammar School - a happy boarding community and students who are reaping the benefits of our lifestyle.”

Townsville Grammar School has been serving regional, rural and remote based families for generations.  “Boarding life has been an integral feature of the School since it was established  in 1888,” said Mr Beutel. “Our Boarders hold a very special place within our wider School community, as they have throughout the decades.”