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Why Choose a Grammar Education for Junior School?

By Head of Junior School, Mr Martin Tait

6th March 2023

There have been many times over the course of my career that I have heard parents talking about why a private education at a primary or junior school is not required until their child is older, and when the so-called ‘important’ learning occurs.

From the experience I have gained through working with Junior Schools within Australia, and internationally, there are many reasons why this choice is of such a benefit to our youngest students.

The Start of an Education Journey

Text: While your child is at their earliest stage of learning this choice can be hugely beneficial. Providing your child with an exceptional junior school education can ignite their love of learning, and light the spark within them to achieve their full potential throughout their educational journey and beyond. Townsville Grammar School has two campuses, Annandale and North Shore, offering Prep-Prep to Year 6 education where your child can begin their Grammar journey.

A Precious Time

We now know that children’s brains develop at an incredible speed in the early years of life, a time when many neural pathways are formed and connections are made. Learning is rapid at this time and the foundations built early will be ever relied upon. The experiences and opportunities that a child is given is crucial to their growth and learning, now and in later years. Positive relationships and experiences assist in healthy brain development and can impact on a child’s learning for years to come. Put simply, the early years of a child’s learning experiences lay the foundation for all that is to come and are an important catalyst to their future options.

The Right Path

Children build a picture of themselves as learners from the start of their educational journey. The concept of self creates a belief in their abilities to take risks in their learning, problem solve, investigate, question and learn from getting things wrong. The right learning environment coupled with skilled teachers who are experienced and understand how to construct and enhance environments and programs to harness and support children from their very early learning experiences, will cement these abilities that can be called upon throughout the child’s schooling and life.


Research clearly indicates that with well-planned and complete practices in place to recognise, act and monitor each child’s progress, the majority of children achieve age appropriate educational, social and emotional milestones which will allow them to access and continue their educational journey successfully into Senior School and beyond. Research further demonstrates that children who are in educational settings where early interventions are supported and well implemented may show potential for increased academic readiness in the later years, achieve stronger results and have better peer interactions.

The Townsville Grammar School Difference

The influence a school environment like Townsville Grammar School can have on a child’s later success in school is undeniable. Passionate and dedicated teachers, strong pedagogical practices based on our TGS Teaching & Learning Framework and a learning community that strives to meet the needs of each growing and changing child is what a Townsville Grammar School experience entails. Add to this exceptional wellbeing programs, sporting and co-curricular opportunities, strong values and ethos, leadership programmes, well supported resources and facilities, and endless opportunities to experience broader programs beyond the classroom (such as camps and community service opportunities), and the evidence speaks for itself.

Making the choice to embark on a Grammar education in the early years is something you can do to equip your child with the tools they will need for their later schooling and future learning. The best possible foundations are something you will never regret, and they will never forget, along with the TGS mantra of “enter good, exit better”.

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