Year 7

Years 7, 8 and 9 students occupy the Middle School, a purpose-designed learning precinct for students in this age group. 

Each Year 7 student has one Core Teacher for each of the Key Learning Areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Studies of the Society and Environment.  

These core classes are conducted in the students’ Form classroom, where they each have an allocated desk with a tidy tray fitted to store their books. Additional storage of the students’ belongings is provided in tote boxes stored within the classroom, in a similar fashion to those used in Year 8. Students then leave the classroom to attend their specialist lessons of Art, Design and Technology, Music, Performing Arts, Languages Other Than English and Physical Education. In this way students are exposed to a variety of specialist teachers and are also provided a ‘soft’ introduction to the Senior School concept of moving through the School for different lessons. Core Teachers are also Form Teachers, enhancing the link between curriculum and pastoral care.

Year Level Co-ordinator, Miss Kelsie Preston, whose primary role is the pastoral care of Year 7 students, is ably supported by the Form Teachers who meet weekly to discuss issues pertinent to the Year 7 Cohort. Miss Preston's office, and those of the other Year Level Co-ordinators, is located on the ground floor of the Middle School, next to the Year 7 classrooms. Whilst the students will need to move throughout the Middle and Senior Schools at various times, the majority of their needs are met close to where they spend most of their day.

The Year 7 Curriculum Coordinator is Mrs Debbie Winkel who leads a team of core subject teachers assisting students in transitioning to high school. Curriculum is designed to develop literacy and numeracy programmes with connections across subject disciplines. A balance of technology and handwriting as well as individual and team work is specifically planned to allow for a deeper level of learning. This structure allows for increased flexibility, collaboration and features authentic learning experiences which support a student-centred approach to curriculum and pedagogical practices.


Year 7 Camp

The Year 7 Camp is held at the end of Term 1 on the Atherton Tablelands. The Camp is a great opportunity to develop friendships and bond as a cohort by participating in various outdoor activities and team challenges. The large array of various adventure style activities result in many first time experiences for the students and is often said to be the most memorable event in Year 7.

Kelsie Preston
Year 7 Co-ordinator:


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