Specialist Subjects

From Prep - Year 6, Junior School students have specialist lessons in Music, Performing Arts, Library and Physical Education. 

The variety and scope of these specialist lessons allows all students the opportunity to find a medium in which they can shine and show their personal best.

Library (Tait Library Resource Centre)

Lessons with the Librarian aim to help students gain skills in reading print and electronic text for both information and enjoyment.

Students will develop and utilise Information Literacy using a variety of Non-Fiction texts. They will be introduced to the Dewey Decimal System, electronic databases, encyclopaedias and web-sites to enable them to access information.

Students will also become familiar with Fiction texts in a variety of genres. They will learn how print resources are organised into alphabetical order in a library.

This knowledge should enable children to differentiate between reading for enjoyment and reading for information, and, enhance their skills in accessing both Fiction and Non Fiction texts in a 21st Century library.


The Music Programme aims to develop foundation musical skills encompassing musical literacy and playing. Individual music tuition is offered in a wide variety of instruments including Strings, Brass, Percussion, Piano, Guitar, Woodwind, Voice and Recorder.

Year 3 Strings Programme

Each student in Year 3 is allocated a string instrument (either violin, viola or cello) to borrow for the year. They also receive a year’s tuition with all related materials provided. This is a “taste test” with the view in mind that many students will continue to play either the strings or other instruments as they move through the Junior School and onto the Middle School.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Programme focuses on the areas of Forming, Presenting, and Responding to develop performance skills and confidence.

Physical Education

Participation in sport is strongly encouraged in the Junior School. The Junior School is affiliated with a wide variety of sporting bodies, which allows students to participate at the highest level possible. All students in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to participate in the Townsville and District Primary Sports Association interschool sports competition which has a wide variety of sports on offer.

Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Languages other than English are a means of communicating across cultures and promoting socio-cultural understanding and competence.

Townsville Grammar's junior students all study French.  The study of a second language helps students develop an insight into and empathy for the values and attitudes of a different culture. 

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