Performing Arts (Years 7-9)

Year 7

PA is compulsory in Year 7.  This course sets out to introduce the students to elements of communication, building on skills they already have. It introduces them to singing for enjoyment, movement work and realistic acting. Students learn to improvise, and do some written work although this is primarily a practical course.

Year 7 units are:

  • Building on What You Have (an introduction to singing, moving, and acting)
  • Building on New Experiences (dramatic action, singing, and verbal dynamics)
  • Building on Your Beliefs (shaping drama for morals, exploring sounds, and audience analysis
  • Building on Your Hopes (improvising for feelings and hopes, responding to music, and clowning)

Year 8

PA is compulsory in Year 8. Year 8 uses the same idea of building on young students’ experiences whilst introducing them to more complex contexts and elements. There is some written work.

Year 8 units are:

  • Building on Your Skills (realistic improvisations, singing and basic dance steps)
  • Building on Verbal Dynamics and Mime (movement work, mime and use of neutral mask)
  • Building with Movement and choral Speaking (learning waltz and polka, accepting in improvisation and choral speaking)
  • Building on Text (studying the One Act Play, and puppetry)

Year 9

PA is compulsory in Year 9. This course begins to implement realistic acting in much more detail using the theories of Stanislavsky and introducing students to the Musical. In fourth term ritual and symbol are examined. Written work is more analytical culminating in a discussion essay.

Year 9 units are:

  • Introduction to the Musical (analysis of musicals, songs from musicals, and movement to explore)
  • Introduction to Stanislavsky (theory of realism, reading aloud, and learning a monologue)
  • Working from Text (studying and acting a serious one act play, learning a jazz song with movement, and exploring subtext)
  • Symbol and Ritual (learning about and using ritual and symbol, singing and acting a pop song)

Further information about Performing Arts and Drama can be obtained from the Subject Information Handbook available on this website.

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