Science (Year 10-12)

Years 10

In the Year 10 course there are three major objectives:

  • To encourage a natural interest in Science
  • To introduce students to aspects of the senior subjects of Biological Science, Chemistry, and Physics
  • To better equip students intending to study Senior Science

Topics covered include:

  • Chemical Reactions
  • Light and Sound
  • Genetics and Reproduction
  • Forces
  • Extended Experimental Investigations

Years 11 and 12

Students in Years 11 & 12 can choose from the following Authority subjects:

  • Biology is concerned with the origin, development, functioning and evolution of living systems and the consequences of intervention with those systems. It is an integrated study to understand living processes. Topics studied include:Classification, Homeostasis and Evolution.
  • Chemistry is the study of matter and its interactions. A knowledge of chemisty can assist students in understanding and interpreting many experiences in their everyday surroundings. Topics studied include: Gases, Moles and Stoichiometry, Industrial Chemistry and Biochemistry.
  • Earth Science is about understanding the physical world and universe in order to make better decisions regarding the future of our planet. Topics studied include: Our Earth and its Systems and Earth Resources and Human Impact on the Environment. Field trips are an integral part of this course.
  • Physics is a collection of mutually supporting physical and mathematical models that give the best explanation of natural phenomena. Topics studied include The Sounds of Music, Medical Physics and Optical Awareness.

Or the following International Baccalaureate subjects:

  • Biology involves the study of organisms from the molecular to biosphere levels. Topics studied include Evolution, Structure, Function and Diversity
  • Physics explores the use of scientific methodology to understand the working world. Topics studied include Mechanics, Themal Physics and Electric Currents and Fields.
  • Chemistry combines academic study with the acquisition of practical and investigative skills. Topics studie include Acids and Bases, Bonding and Stoichiometry.  

For more information refer to the School Handbook.

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