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STEM @ Grammar

STEM touches every aspect of our lives, from the development of smartphones to the technologies that enable us to explore the world around us and outer space.  STEM also drives innovation in our fast-changing global economy.

In the STEM philosophy Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics all play an integral part in the teaching of the whole. The science, engineering and mathematics fields are made complete by the technology component that provides a creative and innovative way to problem solve and apply what has been learned.

 STEM studies are now generating interest in the pathways and occupations that involve STEM – preparing our students for their careers in areas that may not even exist yet.

 The decision to implement a BYOD platform where students can bring their own devices is a conscious decision by our School in encouraging technology and creative thinking. It is becoming increasingly apparent that by not going down the path of iPads which rely on apps, we have positioned ourselves nicely for the integration of coding into our curriculum.

 Townsville Grammar School has an excellent track record in STEM subjects. It also has very good teachers in STEM areas and these teachers teach right across our School.  In our teaching of STEM we are giving students an opportunity to apply skills and knowledge in a range of curriculum areas and use an inquiry-based or active learning approach, and giving students challenges linked to real-world problems.  Integrated into the Junior School curriculum, STEM becomes more specialised as students move into their senior years of schooling:

 See our Subject Handbooks for subject offerings.

Scientists in School

SAMS - Science for Almost Middle Schoolers

3D Printing


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