As of 2020, Townsville Grammar School is offering a Family Fee Cap, for full-fee paying students from Prep-Year 12. This means the maximum a family will pay for Tuition is $26, 650 per year ($6662.50 per term), regardless of the number of children enrolled from Prep-Year 12 across our three Campuses

Our sibling discount schedule is below:

  • 1st child:   Full Tuition Fees apply
  • 2nd child:  10% discount for Tuition Fees
  • 3rd child:   25% discount for Tuition Fees  (Family Fee Cap will apply)
  • 4th and subsequent children: 50% discount for Tuition Fees (Family Fee Cap will apply)

If you have three or more children enrolled at Townsville Grammar School, or you are looking to enroll your family in any of our three Campuses, talk to us about the Family Fee Cap.

The 2020 Townsville Grammar School Fee Schedule for 2020 will be published in December 2019.

 FEES (2020)
  • 2020 Fees Early Education Centre (Annandale and North Shore Campus, Pre-Kindy and Pre-Prep) 
    6:30am - 6:00pm Long Day Care $90 per day
    9:00am - 3:00pm Programmed Session $78 per day
  • 2020 Tuition Fees Prep - Year 5 (North Shore Campus) $6 492 per annum
  • 2020 Tuition Fees Prep - Year 6 (Annandale Campus) $9 476 per annum
  • 2020 Tuition Fees Years 7 - 12 (North Ward Campus) $12 752 per annum
  • 2020 Boarding Fees $18 892 per annum plus tuition ($31 644 per annum total)
  • In addition, General Purpose Levy of $400 for Prep to Year 6 and $400 for Years 7 - 12 is payable per annum. This levy covers such items as Student Insurance, School Diary, some local excursions, School Magazine, class reference books, photocopying and competitions.

For International Student School Fees, please click here.

  • Enrolment Application Fee $110
  • Confirmation Fee $300 
  • Technology Levy (Boarders only) $175

Camps, excursions and other charges are made to accounts as they arise. 

See Terms and Conditions in the document available to download below. The School reserves the right to revise fee charges at any time.

Contact our Campuses

North Ward Campus
45 Paxton Street
Townsville QLD 4810
(07) 4722 4900

Annandale Campus
1 Brazier Drive
Annandale QLD 4814
(07) 4412 4800

North Shore Campus
Erskine Place
Burdell QLD 4818
(07) 4412 6600


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