Community Service

An important aspect of life at Townsville Grammar School for students, staff, and families is the opportunity to provide assistance to the community, both local and international.

By lending a hand through community service we are able to assist those in need as well as raise awareness of the community service ethos within the student body. 

There are a variety of ways students can become involved in community service at Townsville Grammar School.

Junior School Community Service Group (Annandale Campus)

The Community Service group at the Junior School consists of two Captains and a selected group of Leaders who work throughout the year on local, national and international causes. The events championed by the Community Service Team include; the World Families Australia Coin Trail, Funky Hair Day, the Salvation Army Food Appeal and Jillian’s Day.  In addition to these, the Community Service Leaders assist with Anzac and Remembrance Days as well as supporting the secondary’s Interact Club where necessary. 

Middle School Committees (North Ward Campus)

The Middle School has six committees that are lead by students and provide opportunities to serve other students in the Middle School.  The Committees are:

  • Citizenship
  • Friendly Schools
  • Newspaper
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Social
  • Sports

Interact Club (North Ward Campus)

The Interact Club (a part of the Rotary organisation) has a proud history at Townsville Grammar School, serving the community from 1966 to 1992, and was re-established in 2005. The Interact Club enables students from Year 7 - 12 to become directly involved in this important part of life at Townsville Grammar School.

A Donation with a Difference is held every year with a School-wide food appeal, collecting non-perishable grocery items to be distributed to families in need over the winter months. In addition to this project, students are actively involved in local activities and fundraising throughout the year. 

Contact our Campuses

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North Shore Campus
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