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Whole School Productions are held every two years, with the Middle School Drama Concert every other year.  Productions involve many students acting, singing, playing in the orchestra, front of house, backstage, costuming, make-up and every other facet of theatrical life. The level of professionalism of this event is a source of great pride for the whole School community. 

2018 Middle School Production

In 2018, the Middle School Production was be held in May. It consisted of 4 plays: The Laughing Prince, The Seventh Mandarin, Why the fish laughed and The Seven Sisters.

Townsville Grammar School Beach Production2017 Senior School Production

In 2017, the Biennial School production was BEACH: A Theatrical Fantasia written in 2006 by Australian dramatist Timothy Daly.

In the play 140 characters trace 250 years of Australian history and set the whole of it on a beach. It has the largest cast of any Australian play ever produced.

The play examines the beach as a type of symbol for our national character.

“The beach interested me because I was a pale, skinny, freckly kid who observed the goings-on at the beach a bit like you would at a zoo. I took my pen in hand and watched sunbather’s interactions and eavesdropped…”Timothy Daly

The play also trawls Australia’s past for inspiration. It’s amazing how much of our history actually happened on a beach. One such event was the 1967 drowning of Prime Minister Harold Holt.

The play is part comedy, part realistic expose of our past. From colonisation to Gallipoli, beach cricket to shark attacks, Beach parades Australia’s colourful history onstage for two hours.

Swimwear is a big part of the show. We will parade bathing suits from the 1930s and 40s swimwear and lifesaver costumes, through to the modern. Then there’s sarongs, board shorts and 60s Hawaiian shirts! It’s an eclectic range of beach apparel.

The play was directed by the Drama Department consisting of Mrs Kelly, Ms Laing, Miss McGregor and Ms Perry.  The music for Beach was directed by Mr Sam Blanch, Head of Music and Miss Kate Hamill. The songs selected supported and reflected the changing eras and circumstances of Australians at the seaside.

2016 Middle School Production

Over 140 students from across Years 7, 8 and 9 were involved in the Middle School Drama Concert for 2016.  The very successful Middle School Performing Arts Concert that was booked out this year was 'Round the Twist.'

This title was taken from the famous television series of Paul Jennings’ Short Stories. The theatrical event took place on Thursday 26 May - Saturday 28 May from 6.00pm - 8.00pm in the Glennys Perry Performing Arts Space on the North Ward Campus. Over four hundred dollars was raised by gold coin donation to go towards the charity Pollinate Energy. 

Middle School budding performers performed four plays by renowned Australian Children’s author - Paul Jennings. Each play was an adaptation of a short story selected from his major collections, They were-

 Tonsil-eye ‘Tis - directed by Fiona Perry from Trickiest Stories.

  • Sucked In - directed by Alyssa Kelly from Weirdest Stories
  • Know All - directed by Fiona Perry from Spookiest Stories
  • One Shot Toothpaste - directed by Zara McGregor from Funniest StoriesThere were a number of dances performed by Dance Troupe to the famous music from the popular ABC TV series Round the Twist choreographed by new drama teacher Ms Jacinda Laing.

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