DTM - Defence Transition Mentor

Townsville Grammar School is as much a part of the garrison city of Townsville as the Australian Defence Force itself.   Our School is dedicated to supporting Defence families who make a magnificent contribution to our country. In turn, we recognise the important needs of students with Defence parents. 

Defence Transition Mentors (DTM) are located on both Annandale and North Ward Campuses.  Townsville Grammar School acknowledges that additional care may be required during times of deployment, exercise and throughout the year. The support from the DTMs makes a genuine difference - ensuring the students know they are not alone, especially if a parent is away for an extended period. 

The Annandale Campus is located opposite Lavarack Barracks, making it the closest school to the Barracks in Townsville - an added convenience for Defence Members. Our newest campus at North Shore, is situated in a popular DHA housing area, and only 1 km from the Ring Road which provides direct access to the Barracks.  We also have a networked bus service bringing older students to the North Ward secondary campus.

If you would like to contact our Defence Transition Mentors, on either campus, please contact:
Ken Shultz at North Ward campus: ken.schulz@tgs.qld.edu.au

or Sarah Stewart at the Annandale Campus: sarah.stewart@tgs.qld.edu.au

Remembrance Day is one of the most highly regarded ceremonies by the children and staff of Townsville Grammar Junior School. As a collective, we cut out 520 white peace doves and hung them on the front fence of the Grammar Junior School Grounds. Each child from Prep to Year 6 cut the doves out, and the Years 1 – 6 wrote a sentence regarding peace on each dove. All of the entries were very inspiring, but the following were truly well written.

Darcy Locke (6/2016) was the winner of the Peace Competition, and his quote was as follows: ”Peace is not by any means perfection. For one to be peaceful they have to show belief that everyone around them is equal. Being peaceful is being able to bring all of humans together with no conflict whatsoever. When one is peaceful with anything and everything, they can truly celebrate life and all things in it. When you have done this you and the world around you will soar high like this very dove and flourish in beautiful colours like this very olive leaf will. Peace.”

Second place was awarded to Matilda Costello (3/2016). Her quote was, “There’s too many fights in the world. Now we just have to hold hands and hope for peace. Because it’s what the world depends on. We can’t be enemies and we don’t have to be friends. We just need to care and treat people how we want to be treated.”

Contact our Campuses

North Ward Campus
45 Paxton Street
Townsville QLD 4810
(07) 4722 4900

Annandale Campus
1 Brazier Drive
Annandale QLD 4814
(07) 4412 4800

North Shore Campus
Erskine Place
Burdell QLD 4818
(07) 4412 6600


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