Townsville Grammar Junior School (Pre-Prep - Year 6)

In the event of illness, Junior School students are to report to the Front Office for first aid. Staff hold First Aid Certificates and will tend to sick children. Pre-Prep and Prep Students are treated within the Pre-Prep and Prep Centres. 

As part of the enrolments process, all parents are to complete a medical form detailing the student’s medical history. Please ensure this form is up –to-date at all times. The use of medication is strictly controlled by staff. If your child requires medication, please provide the medication along with the dosage instructions to the Front Office, Pre-Prep Centre or Prep Centre.

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

In the event of illness during OSHC, the staff will administer first aid and contact the parent/s to collect their child. Any medications required during OSHC should be given to the staff, along with the dosage instructions for the staff to administer.

Townsville Grammar School (Years 7 – 12)

The School Health Centre provides care to day students and boarders. The Health Centre is staffed by Registered Nurses.  

Parents must advise the School of any medical conditions or allergies their child may have. A medical form will be sent home during the first week of the academic year. Please ensure this form is up-to-date at all times.

It is policy that all students requesting to go home sick must report to the Health Centre first. If the student is too unwell to stay at School, the Nurse will contact the parent/s and organise pickup from the Health Centre only.

Day students are responsible for their own provision of non-prescription medications like throat lozenges or analgesics. For obvious reasons children should not be sent to School with pre-existing conditions that will require treatment at the Health Centre. If they are in need of such care then they should be kept at home for rest and treatment.

Students are requested to not bring medication to School unless it has been prescribed by a Doctor and is required to be taken during the day. This medication should be taken to Health Centre to be dispensed as necessary. Under no circumstances are students to give medication to other students.

Nurse in Charge
P:  07 4722 4944