Positive Education

“Your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought.” - Marcus Aurelius

Positive Education is a whole school community initiative that promotes positive relationships, emotion, health, engagement, accomplishment and purpose.

Townsville Grammar School’s Positive Education Programme is derived directly from the evidence based outcomes and benefits of Positive Education aims to produce well-rounded and resilient individuals who possess a unique capability to thrive personally, academically and professionally and who are well-equipped to contribute to society in a satisfying and meaningful way.

Through understanding and practicing Positive Psychology children can hone their positive education skills and learn to accept success and failure with equanimity and grace, and remain resilient, grateful and hopeful regardless of the circumstances in which they may find themselves.

Positive Education is the framework that supports our Pre-Prep - Year 12 Pastoral Care Programme and focuses on providing students and staff with the skills needed to manage and cope with everyday opportunities and challenges in our ever-changing world.

At Townsville Grammar School, all students participate in our ongoing ‘character strengths’ based Pastoral Care Programme. Our strength based approach focuses on six educational domains and 24 universally accepted character strengths (see below).

Educational Domains and Character Strengths

  • Positive Relationship – Kindness, Love and Social Intelligence
  • Positive Emotions – Appreciation of Beauty, Gratitude, Hope, Humour and Belief
  • Positive Health – Forgiveness, Modesty, Prudence and Self-control
  • Positive Engagement – Teamwork, Fairness and Leadership
  • Positive Accomplishment – Creativity, Curiosity, Open-mindedness, Love of Learning and Perspective and,
  • Positive Purpose – Honesty, Bravery, Persistence and Zest

These are not just tools for School – they will call upon these for the rest of their lives.

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