Congratulations to the Class of 2018

As the new School year commences, it is timely to reflect on the outstanding performance of our 2018 senior cohort. A heartfelt congratulations is due to the Seniors of 2018 as we are now in a position to report more fully on their results, with both the IB and the OP outcomes now available.

In looking at both the OP and IB data the overall strength of this group can be appreciated.  Within the IB group for example, 100% of students received their IB Diploma which is a new record outcome, and the School had one student, Max Tory, who received an almost perfect score of 44.  In the OP set of results, the very lowest mark attained was a 16, demonstrating how the whole group provided that “lift” for their cohort. This is a record result for the School and quite an achievement in a School that has 94% of its Year 12 group remaining OP eligible or receiving an IB Diploma. The average OP result just over seven

Whilst as a whole the group’s achievements are outstanding, it is also important to acknowledge and congratulate the following students who received an OP1 or OP1 equivalent: Michael Carroll, Ricky Chiu, Stephanie Kim, Sachin Patel, Adele Pickering and Max Tory.

In the case of all of our Year 12 students, they provided much more than just their academic focus and each of them was also a contributor to the wider life of the School through community service, sports and arts, as their leadership and other qualities were fostered and developed through their whole academic career at Townsville Grammar School.

It is with pride that we now follow their diverging pathways as the 2018 cohort they make their way into the world of work and further education and wish them well on the next step of their life journeys

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