e-Safety Week this week

Townsville Grammar School students will have the opportunity to learn about digital safety online as part of the School’s e-Safety week next week.

 This year, the School will be focusing on particular topics and mini-lessons ranging from ‘Internet Safety’ and ‘Privacy & Security’ through to ‘Cyber-bullying, Digital Dramas & Footprints’, ‘Self Image & Identity’, and ‘Creative Credit & Copyright’ - with ‘Relationships & Communication’ and ‘Information Literacy’.

At the North Ward campus, Form teachers will also distribute e-Safety health check wallet cards to students and sign student e-Safety pledges that support the above mentioned class lessons and Year Level Assemblies.

Social media and mobile phone apps have the ability to open the world to both children and adults alike which, although presenting many opportunities and benefits, can also open children to possible dangers. Many parents are unaware of their child’s online social media presence even from an early age. Apps on mobile phones can be equally dangerous when children are not armed with the knowledge of how to use these them safely. Some of the apps that parents need to be aware of include Down, After School, Voxer, Poke, Vine, Snapchat, Shots of Me, Tumblr, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Townsville Grammar School is aiming to educate and arm students with the power of knowledge of how to remain safe in our online world.

“Getting more social with our children online enables parents to be part of their child’s social media network and asking them for assistance in understanding how sites work and the benefits of particular sites can foster mutual integrity,” Mrs Susie Ahern, Head of Senior School said. “Sharing your own vulnerability, frustration and fears about social media unknowns and uncertainties can foster healthy and sometimes humorous conversations and also give your child a sense of accomplishment.”

Checking privacy settings, as a regular online practice, can also assist to protect children from identity theft. 

Digital citizenship will be the focus of e-Safety Week and the School aims to develop skills that promote all members of its community to think critically, behave safely and participate responsibly in our digital world.

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