One person?s trash becomes another person?s treasure

STEM is a big buzzword in education right now.  What does STEM then look like when applied in real life?  A great example is starting this week at Townsville Grammar School with the Year 10 Applied Technology students on the path of finding a productive way to use their waste material instead of it becoming landfill.

 Through a collaborative design process with Townsville Grammar School’s Prep children, the Year 10 students have decided to design a toy for students to tie in with their current Science theme (kinetics - push /pull). A perfect example of STEM in action!

 “Our Design and Technology students will start with unused by-products (rubbish). The Year 10 students will be working closely with the Prep students to find out what they really want; and their teachers to find out what they would like 5 year old children to learn and then come up with a range of possible products.   Using a combination of technical skills and current technology the Yr 10 students will create a finished toy,” explained Head of DAT, Mr David Newton.

 Year 10 students will be able to go one step further in personalizing the toys, using laser technology and engraving student names, maths formulas and science formulas onto the toys to aid learning.  To finalise the process, Townsville Grammar School North Shore students will then have an excursion to the Senior Campus workshop and be able to apply a surface finish to the toys and feel a sense of involvement in the design process.

 Head of North Shore campus, Giles Derrett, gave the Prep perspective, “Our Prep students are very excited about being part of the design process and look forward to sharing in this enriching STEM experience with the older students from the North Ward Campus.”

 A sustainable alternative to landfill, additional skills, more toys and creating relationships – What a treasure!

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