TGS Interact Club gives hope to Ethiopian Mothers

Townsville Grammar School’s Interact Club is preparing 200 Birthing Kits for soon to be mothers in less developed countries to help safely deliver babies.

Townsville Grammar School Principal, Mr Richard Fairley, said the School’s Interact Club has a proud history, serving the community since 1966.

“The Interact Club enables students from Years 7 to 12 to “give back” to the Community, by participating in fundraising events and activities such as this for important causes,” Mr Fairley said.
“This is the fifth year the School has assembled Birthing Kits for mothers in third world countries. The small, lightweight kit holds supplies to satisfy the seven basic requirements for a clean birth. We are very proud of this ongoing commitment and the potential of providing help to 1,000 mothers in that time,” Mr Fairley concluded.

The kits are extremely simple, consisting of a sheet of plastic for the mother to use, a pair of gloves, soap, gauze squares, three ties to tie the umbilical cord and a scalpel. The contents are neatly folded and contained in a sealed plastic bag to keep the contents sterile.

Over 585,000 women die annually in childbirth with 99% of these deaths occurring in developing countries. The Zonta kit helps to reduce this number by allowing the mother and child to be born in a clean environment that decreases the risk of death from infection and bleeding.

The Zonta Club also provides medical training to traditional birth attendants to not only allow the kits to be used properly, but also to identify high risk pregnancies and refer these women to hospitals.

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