Sports Awards Night - Rowing, Netball and Rugby

Parents and Athletes celebrate the conclusion of Club Sport seasons with a series of Sports Awards Nights and Assemblies hosted by Townsville Grammar School.

To celebrate the sporting achievements of Townsville Grammar School students, an annual Sports Awards Assembly is held each year.  The following awards may be presented:

Tri-Representative Medallions

For students from Years 4 – 12 who represent the School in Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics. Reserves who do not compete, do not qualify.

State and National Representative Medallions

Students who gain selection in a state or National team in their chosen sport will receive the appropriate medallion. This applies to both School and Club level sports.

Most Valuable Player (MVP)

These students are not necessarily the best-performing player or team member but the student regarded as the most positive and consistent with their attitude and performance at both games and training.

Junior School students are recognised with a Merit, Striving and Coaches Certificate at their Sports Assembly whilst Club Sport Award Winners will be presented at their respective awards night.

Junior, Middle and Senior School Sportsman and Sportswoman (Age 10-18)

These award winners are considered exemplary ambassadors of the School. Whilst the depth and variety of sports participated in is considered, the main focus is on the level of achievement. In judging the level of achievement, the championship or representative level is considered in combination with the profile of the sport within the community.

Principal’s Male and Female All-Rounder (North Ward)

These award winners are considered exemplary ambassadors of the School. The main focus is on the quality and quantity of sports participated in for the School and within the community.

For all Sportsman, Sportswoman and All-Rounder awards, the Director of Sport is responsible for recommending award winners to the Principal for final ratification.