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Townsville Grammar School presents, The Tempest - a contemporary version of the Shakespearean fantasy. 

The Tempest is set on a remote island where Prospero and his daughter were exiled by Prospero's sister, twelve years before the events of the play.  During their years of exile, Prospero learned the magic of sorcery and now commands all of the spirits of the island, which he uses in his revenge against his sister.

The Tempest is filled with mythical creatures and demons, magic and spirits. 


Townsville Grammar School's Drama, Dance and Music Faculties are proud to present a contemporary version of the Shakespearean fantasy, The Tempest. We have made Shakespeare’s last play (and his most tightly constructed) even tighter, by cutting the lines, only keeping the necessary and the beautiful.

  • We have applied modern theatre forms such as magic realism, physical theatre, dance and music.
  • The original music, underpinning the atmosphere of each scene, is a film score written by student prodigy, Thomas Gray.
  • The songs to be performed by Ariel were specially composed for this show by Heath Perry.
  • Other modern songs for specific characters include those by Phil Collins, Hannah Grace, Gin Wigmore, Nick Cave and David Bowie.
  • The orchestra and choir will perform under the masterful direction of our Director of Music, Samuel blanch and Music Teacher, Kate Hammil..
  • The costuming, created for us by the incredible talent of Mrs Jenni Ansic, is eclectic, referencing the catwalk of Gucci, the Elizabethans and the ancient books of the Arcana. Mythical creatures abound and there are mermaids, griffins, unicorns, centaurs and demons with elaborate masks that will entrance a family audience.
  • The Tempest will sweep you away to a place of magic. Suitable for all the family .

Townsville Entertainment & Convention Centre
Thursday, 22 August | Friday, 23 August | Saturday, 24 August

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