Cast & Creatives

Fiona Perry - DIRECTOR

Fiona is the Head of Faculty Drama & Dance, and is widely regarded for her work in the performing arts as a teacher, director, poet and playwright. Fiona's training and inspiration has seen many of her students successfully audition and graduate from the best acting schools in Australia. Famous names include Kurt Phelan, Harriet Dyer, Nathin Butler and Remy Hii who starred in 'Crazy Rich Asians' and is currently in 'Spider Man Return to Home'.

Jenni Ansic - COSTUMES

As the creative force behind the spectacular costuming in The Tempest, Jenni Ansic is well known for her design and creation skills, having costumed many productions both for Townsville Grammar School and local theatre companies.  The costuming for The Tempest is eclectic, referencing the catwalk of Gucci, the Elizabethans and the ancient books of the Arcana. Mythical creatures abound and there are mermaids, griffins, unicorns, centaurs and demons with elaborate masks that will entrance a family audience.

Jacinda Laing - CHOREOGRAPHY

Jacinda is the choreographer and creative mind behind the dance and movement elements of The Tempest. Miss Jacinda is a Secondary Dance Teacher at Townsville Grammar School, as well as the Year Level Coordinator for Year 8. Jacinda's creative direction sees the dancers reflect the contemporary twist of this Shakespearean fantasy.

Laurie Page - DRAMA

Introducing - ARIEL  
Actor: Tin Pham, Year 12

Ariel is the wild spirit of the air.  He is a powerful, shapeshifting, sarcastic magical spirit who is too clever for his own good. Ariel was once imprisoned in a pine tree by a witch, and was set free by Prospero. He is now bound to serve Prospero as his servant, using his magic to harness air, wind, water and fire to assist Prospero achieve his revenge.  "Full fathom five thy father lies; of his bones are coral made."


Introducing - PROSPERO
Actor: Lewis Warrington, Year 12

Robbed of his high Dukedom by his evil sister and a cowardly King, Prospero and his young daughter were cast upon the high seas in a rotting boat to die. We meet him, shipwrecked on an island, consumed with dreams of revenge, learning the art of magic to regain what he has lost. "This thing of darkness, I acknowledge mine."

Introducing - MIRANDA
Actor - Macey Bennett, Year 11

Even though she has been stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere with her mood father, Prospero, Miranda is patient, brave, graceful and noble. "Your tale, Sir, would cure deafness."

Introducing - FERDINAND
Actor - Oscar Dohnalek, Year 12

A prince, shipwrecked on their island by a freak tempest, Ferdinand wanders the island despairing that his father has drowned. He encounters and captivates Miranda and charms Prospero, only to discover that his father is the King who betrayed them. "Hell is empty and all the devils are here."



ABC NQ Radio Interview with Fiona Perry - Head of Faculty Drama & Dance

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