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Principal's Annual Report, School Magazine, Handbooks & Calendar

30th November 2020

Please click here  to view a copy of the 2020 Principal's Annual Report, presented at the 132nd Townsville Grammar School Speech Day.


Normally on the last day of Term 4 we would distribute our School Magazines.

Due to the significant changes with Year 12 assessment and the fact that final academic data will not be released until December, we will be publishing and distributing the School Magazine early Term 1. This will ensure that our Year 12 cohort's academic awards and prizes are accurately reflected in this important publication.  

Once ready, we will distribute a copy to all day and returning boarding families.

Our 2020 Year 12 day students, and other non-returning local families will be emailed and asked to collect a copy from reception, where possible. We will mail copies to our 2020 Year 12 and other non-returning boarders.


On the first day of Term 1 (Wednesday, 27 January), students will receive a copy of:

- School Handbook 2021

- Boarding Handbook 2021 (for boarders)

- Calendar

All school dates for 2021 are also available here.