Proud of all of our Students

Naplan scores for 2018 have been released to schools Australia wide.  The detailed analysis is yet to begin, however, the preliminary results provide the Townsville Grammar School community an opportunity to feel a genuine sense of pride. 

In the initial reading of the Queensland preliminary data released to date, Townsville Grammar School has ranked 29th in Year 3, 4th in the state in Year 5, 16th in Year 7 and 12th in the state in Year 9.  To put this in perspective, there are 1216 schools in Queensland who offer Year 5.

Across Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 Townsville Grammar School is the only school outside of the south eastern corner of Queensland to feature in the Top 20 schools in the state and does so consistently across these three grades – making it amongst one of the top performing schools in Queensland.

As Townsville Grammar School is a non-selective school with students from across the academic spectrum, these results prove that the combined efforts of children and their teachers with the support of their families can indeed achieve impressive outcomes.

“Each and every child, their teachers and their families have all contributed to this academic accomplishment,” said Principal, Mr Timothy Kelly. “Yet it is the broader picture that we would really like to highlight with these results. Almost all of our students connect into the School in a much broader sense – either through sport, music, community service, drama and in some cases through all of these avenues.  As a School, it is through providing these broader opportunities that we really enrich the lives of our students.  Great academic outcomes just happen to be one of the benefits of such a supportive and collaborative community.”

“Every member of Grammar - from teaching staff to grandparents, from grounds staff to students - deserve to feel proud today for their part in creating our community.”

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Mr Timothy Kelly

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