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Boarding Experience Days

Boarding Experience Days 2022 - Sunday 18 April - Monday 19 April

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Our annual Boarder Experience Days Program is a great opportunity for families to spend time in the Boarding House and gain a hands-on experience of life in boarding at Townsville Grammar School.  The overnight program includes information sessions, activities for the students and parents, and time to relax in the environment of the School.

Testimonial  - Karen Kennedy, Richmond
"Our eldest daughter attended the Boarding Experience Days in 2019 and it was a fantastic experience for her; she made a group of friends and it put her in a better frame of mind, having seen and experienced how things are done in boarding.  Going to the Boarding Experience Days took away the nervousness of starting boarding school - she was excited to start and that made all the difference.  Attending this program is important in helping to choose the right boarding school. We will do the same for our second daughter when the time comes for her to go to boarding school."