Senior School 2020 Leaders

Congratulations to our School leaders for 2020.


  • Emily Price [School Captain]
  • Lachlan Carey [School Captain, Symphony Orchestra Leader, Service Leader]
  • Macey Bennett [School Vice-Captain, Choir Leader]
  • Lachlan Vowell [School Vice-Captain, Hodges House Captain, Swimming Captain]
  • Eliza Keats [Boarder Captain, Wellbeing Leader]
  • Jake Cuttell [Boarder Captain, Miller House Vice-Captain]


  • Harrison Baxter [Music Captain, Wellbeing Leader]
  • Alyssa Binder [Netball Captain, Service Leader]
  • Victoria Bonyhai [Service Leader]
  • Lucinda Carter [Whight House Captain, Cross Country Captain]
  • Hin Wah (Gordon) Chan [Whight House Vice-Captain, Academic Leader]
  • Amy Cummins [Service Leader]
  • Sophie de Jersey [Whight House Vice-Captain, Athletics Captain, Music Captain]
  • Ruby Kenway [Rowland House Captain]
  • Emily Lafferty
  • Declan Marchioni [Miller House Captain, Cross Country Captain, Boarder Vice-Captain]
  • Felix Pountney [Academic Leader]
  • Ashleigh Richardson [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Chelsea Smith [Service Leader]
  • Lachlan Williams [Choir Leader, Service Leader]


  • Lucy Bragg [Rowing Captain, School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Emma Carr [Senior Girls Choir Leader, Wellbeing Leader]
  • Daniel Clarke [Rugby Captain]
  • Taylah Cuttell [Miller House Captain]
  • Ethan Doran [Whight House Captain, Athletics Captain, School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Isabella Dowling [Hodges House Vice-Captain, Swimming Captain, School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Lauren Fisher [Hospitality Leader]
  • Corey Gardiner [Rowland House Captain, Junior School Liaison Leader]
  • Georgia Gorrie [Debating Captain, Academic Leader]
  • Melia Hinks [Hodges House Captain, Service Leader]
  • Bradley Hodges [Hospitality Leader]
  • Lidia Laulau [Miller House Vice-Captain, Boarding Leader, School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Flynn McKaig [Hodges House Vice-Captain, School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Maya Miller [Big Band Leader, Wellbeing Leader]
  • Miella Sartori [Rowland House Vice-Captain]
  • Nicholas Stewart [Guitar Ensemble Leader]
  • Job (Joe) Verkuijl [Rowland House Vice-Captain, Academic Leader]


  • Freya Boggild [Middle School Captain]
  • Brian Gali [Middle School Captain]
  • Phillipa Dowling [Middle School Vice-Captain]
  • Brian Hayes [Middle School Vice-Captain]


  • Reg Alcock [Rowland House Captain]
  • Montana Beldan [Rowland House Captain]
  • Skyla Corlis [Hodges House Captain]
  • Justin Crane [Miller House Captain]
  • Nils Cumming [Music Captain]
  • Oscar Daly [Hodges House Captain]
  • Tara Kelly [Miller House Captain]
  • Charlie Maruff [Whight House Captain]
  • Pip Negri [Whight House Captain]
  • Aimee Segal [Music Captain]


  • Alka Abraham [Service Leader]
  • Jade Abrahams [School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Hannah Anear [Academic Leader]
  • Jaxson Arnaboldi [School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Sophy Barlow [Academic Leader]
  • Danika Berra [Service Leader]
  • Leonardo Borello Busilacchi [Service Leader]
  • Lily Bradshaw [Boarding Leader, School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Ivana Byak [Service Leader]
  • Adiba Chowdhury [Service Leader]
  • Eloise Dale [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Katrina Diprose [Academic Leader]
  • Jaxson Doherty [Service Leader]
  • Tiarra Drovandi-Queenan [Junior School Liaison Leader, Wellbeing Leader]
  • Imogen Fern [Junior School Liaison Leader]
  • Holly Forster [School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Mathishi Gamaetige [Academic Leader]
  • Cameron Gisinger [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Ethan Henders (Cameron) [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Caitlin Hilton [Junior School Liaison Leader]
  • Brayden Hughes [School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Sarah Hultgren [Academic Leader]
  • Diya Iyer [Academic Leader]
  • Elizabeth Kenneally [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Sophie Kent [Service Leader]
  • Lara Lam [School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Chiara Larkin [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Georgie Lidgett [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Alexandria Lombard [Junior School Liaison Leader]
  • Alexandra (Lexi) Lukacs [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Craig Mahy [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Courtney Maxwell [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Quinn Melnike [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Sarah Moody [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Michael Mtanios [Boarding Leader]
  • Kasmira Mudd [Wellbeing Leader]
  • Joshua Murry [Boarding Leader]
  • Khai Nguyen Tri [Service Leader]
  • Sam Papageorge [School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Amelia Pattel [Boarding Leader, School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Leela Percy [Boarding Leader, Junior School Liaison Leader]
  • Samuel Petersen [School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Aleshya Platt [School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Katerina Plumb [Academic Leader]
  • Joshua Rasalam [Academic Leader]
  • Annie Terry [Boarder Vice-Captain, School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Anna Umetskaya [Academic Leader]
  • Riya Urkude [Academic Leader]
  • Sarah Waddell [Service Leader]
  • Timothy Watson [School Spirit Squad Leader]
  • Amy Welch [Service Leader]
  • Elsa Zaman [Service Leader]

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