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Transitioning to Year 7

25th August 2023

Transitioning to Year 7

The transition to secondary school is a significant process, and Townsville Grammar School’s Year 7 program creates a bridge between the primary school experience and the secondary environment.

In doing so, students in Year 7 at Grammar stay in a core class in one classroom for most of their days, with some movement to other facilities on the campus for specialist lessons. This is a great way to slowly introduce them to the concept of timetables, classes and managing their diaries. The pastoral care structure for Year 7 is also slightly different, keeping the cohort together for Form, until they reach Year 8 when they join in the vertical structure of the House-based Form system.

Commencing secondary school is a transition for the whole family. Townsville Grammar School’s Year 7 program and pastoral care structure ensures students have time to ‘grow into’ secondary school with confidence.

Parents are often unsure of what parent engagement looks like in the secondary setting, considering it can be quite hands-on in the primary school environment. Parent engagement in high school can be as simple as keeping up with school communications, through to attending parent-teacher interviews, coming along to school events and encouraging your child to become involved in the life of the school.

 Townsville Grammar School is a Positive Education school, with a pastoral care program based around Positive Psychology. Students learn about their personal character strengths, their personal values, respect for themselves and others, and how to manage anxiety and develop resilience.

Today’s secondary schools provide a network of educators and specialists who work together to develop each student academically, socially, emotionally, creatively and physically.  These are vital years in creating the right foundations for life-long wellbeing.

As the leading academic school in Townsville and northern Queensland, Grammar’s approach to teaching and learning is centred on the individual learner and about creating an environment where students strive for personal best.




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