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Crest, Motto & Houses

School Motto

Bonus Intra Melior Exi - Enter good, exit better, is the guiding philosophy in our approach to the development of all young Grammarians who pass through the School.

School Crest

The School crest was designed in 1902 by a Sydney architect using ideas suggested by Townsville Grammar School staff and students.

  • The background is symbolic of the Southern Cross.
  • The three turrets are set on the Rock of Christianity, surrounded by the Sea of Plenty.
  • The central turret symbolises spiritual values, while the two side turrets represent intellectual and sporting values.

School Houses

The School Houses are named after the first four Headmasters of Townsville Grammar School:

  • Hodges (Green) 
    Foundation Headmaster Mr C.H. Hodges M.A.(Oxen) appointed by Bishop Stanton, Bishop of North Queensland
  • Miller  (Blue)  
    Headmaster Mr F.T. Miller
  • Rowland  (Red) 
    Headmaster P.F. Rowland M.A. (Oxen)
  • Whight (Purple)
    Headmaster T.B. Whight B.A. (Qld)