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Location, Facilities & Services

Location, Facilities & Services

Townsville Grammar School's Boarding House is located at the North Ward Campus.

Exceptional Location & Lifestyle

The main Boarding House, Parker-Hall Building, is located on the edge of the School's rugby ovals and netball courts and adjacent to campus facilities including a 50m pool and gymnasium.  The School is located within easy walking distance to Castle Hill, The Strand beachfront, Queens Gardens and the Gregory Street Precinct. Facilities such as the Townsville Sports Reserve (Red Track), Tennis Townsville and the Townsville Touch Fields are also adjacent to the Campus.

Parker-Hall Building is the main Boarding House, supported by two satellite houses. Students in Parker-Hall Building enjoy views of Cleveland Bay and Castle Hill.

Facilities & Services

  • Fully air-conditioned boarding facilities
  • Air-conditioned dining room within on-site kitchen
  • On-site Health Centre staffed by Registered Nurses 24/7 care
  • Online parent portals and student registration system (REACH)
  • Laundry service
  • Structured study and tutoring programs
  • Extensive weekend and social/recreation program
  • Extensive sport, music, arts and enrichment School Co-Curricular Program
  • On-site sports and arts facilities

Study & Tutoring

"Prep Time" is one of the more significant times of the day in the life of our Boarders. Prep is completed in an atmosphere conducive to study, and supported by staff with an academic and/or teaching background, or a university student.

Years 7-9 Prep

Younger Boarders may need additional support in their transition into boarding. As such we provide much more structure to our prep sessions for Year 7 – 9 Boarders. Prep is held in a classroom environment, and where possible, additional Study Tutors are allocated, particularly for Year 7 Boarders.

Years 10-12 Prep

Years 10 – 12 use their own room or common areas to study, however, they can also negotiate with staff on duty to utilise other study areas for collaborative work. The fundamental purpose of prep is for there to be a genuine commitment to individual academic efforts, therefore the environment is paramount. 

Tutorials & External Tutoring

Townsville Grammar School offers free academic tutoring in most subjects after school. Times and venues are published in both Parent Lounge and Student Kiosk. If parents wish to engage a private tutor, it is important that this is arranged in consultation with the Head of Boarding. All financial arrangements are between the family and the tutor, but all tutors must be in possession of a valid Queensland Government Working With Children Blue Card.

Recreation & Leave


Taking leave from the Boarding House is an important means of ensuring that Boarders experience life outside the boarding community with family or friends. Parents/guardians are welcome to take their children on leave at any time, however, it is an expectation that students attend all classes for the duration of the Term.

TGS Boarding uses REACH Boarding Management System for all Boarder leave.

This online system allows Boarders to apply for leave from any device, allowing parents to approve leave remotely, without unnecessary emails or calls to boarding staff.

link to REACH

REACH can be accessed using Parent Lounge, or by the above link.

The Boarding Handbook outlines more information on the leave process for general, school day, weekend and end/start of term leave.


A calendar of recreational activities is provided to Boarders/families at the commencement of each Term. A wide range of weekend activities are offered, in addition to School co-curricular activities and events.

  • Movies, bowling, laser skermish, ice skating, Ninja Park 
  • Picnics, meal outings, shopping, markets
  • Strand, Pallarenda, Queens Gardens, Magnetic Island, National Parks, outdoor adventuring
  • Arts Festivals, Cultural Festivals, NRL Cowboys Home Games, daily and overnight retreats

As well as these more casual events and activities, Boarders attend the following formal events and celebrations each year:

  • Formal Boarding Dinners (each Term)
  • Boarders’ Valedictory Dinner (Term 4)
  • National Boarding School Week celebrations

Health Centre

The on-site Health Centre is staffed by Registered Nurses who liaise with the School's GPs from the local Medical Practice, who also attend the Health Centre regularly.

Health Centre Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm
  • Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm

Outside these hours, one of our Registered Nurses is on call for emergencies 24/7. Boarding staff can contact the 'on call' Nurse at any time. The School also has a dedicated Medical Practice to assist in the health and care of students.

Boarding families are strongly encouraged to contact the Health Centre Nursing Staff regarding any health matters pertaining to your child.

The Health Centre is also supported by the School's Wellbeing Team.

Nurse on Duty
Monday - Friday  | 8:00am - 5:00pm
07 4722 4944



Pastoral Care

Townsville Grammar School’s Pastoral Care Program is centred on the Positive Education Framework which is supported by the School's Health & Well-being Team:

  • Head of School
  • Head of Boarding + Boarding Heads of House
  • Co-ordinator of Student Wellbeing & Development
  • Year Level Co-ordinators
  • School Psychologist
  • Form Teachers

Boarders have access to the School's Psychologist. Parents and students can feel free to contact the School Psychologist about any concerns regarding health and wellbeing.

Bonus Intra Melior Exi
North Ward Campus

45 Paxton Street
North Ward Qld 4810

4722 4900

(Years 7-12 Day & Boarding)

Annandale Campus

1 Brazier Drive
Annandale Qld 4814

4412 4800

(Pre-Prep to Year 6)

North Shore Campus

North Shore Boulevard
Burdell Qld 4818

4412 6600

(Pre-Prep to Year 6)