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Sibling Discounts & Family Fee Cap

Townsville Grammar School offers  sibling discounts for families with two or three children enrolled, and a Family Fee Cap, for families with three or more full-fee paying students from Prep-Year 12 across our three Campuses.

In 2022, this means the maximum a family will pay for Tuition is $28,650 per year ($7162.50 per term).

Our family discount schedule is below:

  • 1st child:   Full Tuition fees apply
  • 2nd child:  10% discount for Tuition fees
  • 3rd child:   25% discount for Tuition fees  (Family Fee Cap will apply)
  • 4th and subsequent children: 50% discount for Tuition fees (Family Fee Cap will apply)

If you have three or more children enrolled at Townsville Grammar School, or you are looking to enrol your family in any of our three campuses, talk to us about the Family Fee Cap.