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Sibling Discounts & Family Fee Cap

Townsville Grammar School offers  sibling discounts for families with two or three children enrolled, and a Family Fee Cap, for families with three or more full-fee paying students from Prep-Year 12 across our three Campuses.  

In 2023, this means the maximum a family will pay for Tuition is $31,000 per year ($7,750 per term).

The Family Fee ceiling will take effect once all other deductions, such as sibling discounts, scholarships and bursaries, have already been deducted.  Once all such deductions for a family have been applied, the family will only be required to pay the lesser of discounted amount or the Family Fee amount – whichever is the smaller amount.

Our family discount schedule is below:

  • 1st child:   Full Tuition fees apply
  • 2nd child:  10% discount for Tuition fees
  • 3rd child:   25% discount for Tuition fees  (Family Fee Cap will apply)
  • 4th and subsequent children: 50% discount for Tuition fees (Family Fee Cap will apply)