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Townsville Grammar School has an enduring reputation for educational leadership in North Queensland.

As a Grammar school, Townsville Grammar School carries out the tradition of academic pursuit, offering a broad and liberal education, where students are encouraged to strive for personal best and to develop a great love for learning and discovery.  

High standards for respectful behaviours translates to maxmised learning in the classroom and a School environment where manners, respect and a sense of welcome and joy are evident.

The School acknowledges and celebrates both academic endeavour and achievement, through the academic awards program for students from Years 5-12:

  • Pro Diligentia Awards (Presented Term 2 & 4)
  • Cum Laude Awards (Presented Term 3 )
  • Speech Night  (Term 4)

Learn more | Contact our Director of Studies:
Dr Carolyn Moores
Director of Studies