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Educational Support

Educational Support

Educational Support provides opportunities for all students to gain access to, and fully participate in learning, in an inclusive environment. 

Support is provided to students through reasonable adjustments and teaching strategies in the classroom, that are individualised to meet their educational, social, and emotional needs.  In addition, the following aspects are provided:

  • Classroom support, small group, and individual support to identified students across all year levels.
  • Collaboration with parents, students, teachers, non-academic staff, and external stakeholders (such as Advisory Visiting Teachers and health care professionals) to identify and remove any barriers to learning that may exist by providing reasonable adjustments and resources.
  • Ongoing guidance and support for students, parents, teachers, and non-academic staff.
  • Additional academic assistance for identified students in a caring and supportive environment, through the Year 7 – 10 Literacy programs.

The Head of Educational Support is also responsible for the management the Education Adjustment Program (EAP) in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and the Disability Standards for Education (2005).  The EAP is a process for identifying and responding to the educational needs of students with disabilities recognised under the following categories: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hearing Impairment, Vision Impairment, Physical Impairment, Speech Language Impairment, and Intellectual Disability.

The EAP process involves an ongoing cycle of data collection, planning, program development, intervention, documentation, profiles, evaluation, and review.

The School’s Students with a Disability Policy can be found under Policies, along with information about the Australian Government’s Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) for Students with Disability.

Students requiring additional support can be identified by self-referral, parent, or teacher referral.

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North Ward Campus

45 Paxton Street
North Ward Qld 4810

4722 4900

(Years 7-12 Day & Boarding)

Annandale Campus

1 Brazier Drive
Annandale Qld 4814

4412 4800

(Pre-Prep to Year 6)

North Shore Campus

North Shore Boulevard
Burdell Qld 4818

4412 6600

(Pre-Prep to Year 6)