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Parent & Community Engagement

A strong commitment to our boarding families and communities has underpinned the TGS Boarding Program for more than 130 years.

Parent and community engagement is vital in ensuring our Boarding experience is effective, supportive and relevant to the needs of our boarding families. The following outlines how we communicate with our families and the opportunities for involvement in the Boarding and School community.

Parent Communication

Parents/guardians will receive the following regular communications:

Parent Engagement Opportunities

Boarding parents are encouraged to join in the Boarder Parent Support Group meetings that take place at the beginning of each term, on the Boarder Travel Day.  Other opportunities for parent engagement are outlined in the Boarding Handbook each year.

See our Parent Communication brochure (below) for more information on how the School communicates with parents/families and opportunities for engagement.

Parent Communication + School App & Parent Lounge