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Sport & Activities

Sport & Activities

We believe that Sport provides an underpinning code of behaviour for every student to train with commitment, to play fairly, to embrace defeat graciously and to accept victory humbly.

Sports Scholarships

Students with outstanding skill/potential in one or more sports may be eligible to apply for a SPORT or GENERAL EXCELLENCE Bursary. Click here for more information.

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Mr David Enfantie - Director of Sport & Activities

Sport Program

Sport is offered at Townsville Grammar School in a number of ways.  Outside of the Physical Education curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in Interhouse, Interschool and Club Sport competitions, as well as the Co-curricular Sport Program.

Our Sports Programs are led by experienced Coaches and Teachers, including our :

  • Sportsmaster (Junior Schools)
  • Director of Sport
  • Director of Rowing
  • Director of Rugby
  • Director of Netball

A program of Interschool, Club sports and Co-curricular sports is available for each Campus, and parents can also access Sport information and updates via the online Parent Portal (Parent Lounge) or the TGS app (Szine).

Campus Facilities

North Ward Campus (Years 7-12):
  • 50m Swimming Pool
  • Centenary Gymnasium
  • Netball & Basketball Courts
  • Rugby Fields
  • Dance Studio
  • The Campus is located adjacent to the Townsville Sports Reserve, Townsville Tennis and Touch Fields.

Annandale Campus (Pre-Prep - Year 6):

  • Netball/Basketball Courts
  • 400m Running Track and Sports Oval
  • Students use the North Ward Campus Swimming Pool
  • Close proximity to the Murray Sports Complex and Townsville Stadium

North Shore Campus (Pre-Prep - Year 6):

  • Sports Fields
  • Handball Courts
  • Adjacent to the Northern Beaches Leisure Centre (50m Swimming Pool)
  • Adjacent to ‘The Green’ Sporting Fields for Cricket and AFL



The School Houses are named after the first four Headmasters of Townsville Grammar School:

  • Hodges (Green) 
    Foundation Headmaster Mr C.H. Hodges M.A.(Oxen) appointed by Bishop Stanton, Bishop of North Queensland  (1888-1900)
  • Miller  (Blue)  
    Headmaster Mr F.T. Miller  (1901-1904)
  • Rowland  (Red) 
    Headmaster P.F. Rowland M.A. (Oxen)  (1905-1938)
  • Whight (Purple)
    Headmaster T.B. Whight B.A. (Qld)  (1939-1946)
Bonus Intra Melior Exi
North Ward Campus

45 Paxton Street
North Ward Qld 4810

4722 4900

(Years 7-12 Day & Boarding)

Annandale Campus

1 Brazier Drive
Annandale Qld 4814

4412 4800

(Pre-Prep to Year 6)

North Shore Campus

North Shore Boulevard
Burdell Qld 4818

4412 6600

(Pre-Prep to Year 6)