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We are proud to say that boarding school life has always been an integral feature of Townsville Grammar School since the School first opened its doors to students in April 1888. The boarding students hold a special place at the School and have throughout the years. Townsville Grammar School has a full-time boarding community and a very strong commitment to boarding school families.

Boarding students bring so much richness, diversity, honesty and humour to the life of the School. Irrespective of whether they arrive as Year 7s or enter as older Year 11s, or whether they are from a rural cattle property in Western Queensland or from cosmopolitan Hong Kong, our boarders quickly become a part of a family made up of special individuals. Whilst at the School, boarders are encouraged to grow as people, apply themselves as scholars and immerse themselves in sport, drama, music and community service. Not all boarders necessarily thrive from their first encounter with living away from home but very few leave boarding as Year 12 valedictorians without enormous emotion and life-long friendships.

The boarding community at Townsville Grammar School endeavours to provide a second home, in a communal environment, for the boarding students at the School. Our boarding students should enjoy the friendships, the security and the care of their second home. We aim to provide an experience for our boarders which helps them to develop into young people of character by providing:

  • A community where they feel safe and accepted
  • Structure and discipline
  • Encouragement to be involved and reach their potential in all areas
  • An environment where social skills can be developed
  • Opportunities to build resilience
  • Boarding facilities, activities, routines, health care and catering are all essential fundamentals of a good boarding environment. However, what is most important in a boarding community are the relationships that develop; relationships based on honesty, integrity, mutual respect and acceptance of difference.

At Townsville Grammar School boarding is about relationships and creating a supportive, caring environment where our young Grammarians can “come in good and leave better”.

We value and respect the trust you have placed in us and hope that the boarding school experience provided by the Grammar community is a happy and memorable one for you and your son or daughter.

Timothy Kelly

To learn more about life as a border at Townsville Grammar School visit: Why we love boarding @ TGS

Boarding at Townsville Grammar School

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Mr Timothy Kelly

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