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The TGS bus service is free of charge to Junior School students. Secondary School students can purchase TGS bus tickets from School Reception.

Please see below the bus service schedules connecting our three campuses. Sunbus Townsville also offers a range of services

TGS Bus Service

Townsville Grammar School offers students the opportunity to utilise its exclusive Bus Service for travel to the Senior Campus in North Ward with an internal service offering Junior School students a connection to the Annandale Campus from North Ward and North Shore Campuses. These connections are timed in conjunction with the major services to ensure smooth travel to all campuses.

For Annandale and North Shore students, bus services are offered to students subject to demand. Arrangements and alterations are conveyed to parents as early as possible after negotiations are completed.

The School currently runs a number of bus routes using its own bus fleet and chartered buses from Sunbus. Campus to Campus bus routes are also available free of charge to Junior School students. 


There are three alternative methods of payment for Bus Travel: TGS Term Pass for unlimited travel (valid for one term only)


TGS Travellers Tickets (book of 50 tickets)


Casual Traveller Tickets

$ 4.00

Campus to Campus Bus Service – Junior School students (P-6) only

Free of Charge

The School reserves the right to revise fee charges at any time
All tickets are available from the School Office and ONLY the Term Passes may be charged to Fee Accounts. All other tickets must be paid for at the time of collection. If a student loses their Term Pass, the first replacement is free, however, subsequent replacements will incur a fee.

Bus Passes

All students travelling on paying service buses (both TGS & chartered) must present a TGS Term Bus Pass or a Casual Traveller Ticket to the driver on boarding.

 Queensland Transport Bus Pass applications are available from Sunbus for students who live 4.8km or more from their nearest State High School, or 3.2km from the nearest State Primary School. These passes entitle students only to travel the distance to their nearest State High School or Primary School. Students may be either eligible for a Full Pass or a Partial Pass, depending on their location. The Partial Pass must be presented to the School in order to obtain Bus Tickets at a discounted price.


Students eligible for a bus pass (including students from Magnetic Island) must obtain the appropriate passes from Sunbus and present the passes for use of the Bus Service.

For all enquiries regarding pick up times and bus routes serviced by Sunbus, please view the website or contact Sunbus direct on (07) 4771 9800.

N.B. All School bus services are subsidised by the School to assist in keeping these services affordable.

Bus Code of Conduct & Behaviour Policy

It is paramount that the conduct of Grammar students on buses is exemplary for not only their own and others safety, but also that the name of Townsville Grammar School students is held in the highest regard. At all times, students must behave in a manner that demonstrates mutual respect and care for others.

The following examples of unacceptable behaviours will not be tolerated:

  • walking around the bus - (all students are to be seated and buckled up if belts are available)
  • throwing of objects
  • yelling, screaming, swearing or unacceptable remarks
  • rude gestures
  • bullying of any kind
  • use of mobile phones/electronic devices in an inappropriate manner

N.B. No Junior School student is to use a mobile phone on the bus. This Code of Conduct and Behaviour Policy applies to all students catching either Townsville Grammar School buses or Sunbus buses to and from home and/or between campuses of a morning or afternoon on any given day, and travel to and from Sport and co-curricular activities.

The consequences of unacceptable behaviour on the bus may include an immediate suspension from bus travel for a specified period of time; Saturday detention; suspension from School; or any other consequence deemed appropriate by the School.

Parents are required to sign the Townsville Grammar School Bus Policy detailed in the School Diary.