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Grammar: Townsville’s Leading Academic School

Posted date: 20 September 2023
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A Grammar education is about providing a traditional, broad and liberal education. It is about delivering an exceptional education in a school environment that has a strong learning culture, lived values and high behaviour standards.

Top Academic Outcomes

Townsville Grammar School has an unrivalled history of leading academic outcomes for NAPLAN and Year 12. The school consistently ranks higher in NAPLAN, than other primary and secondary schools in the state and often nationally. In 2023, Townsville Grammar School was listed in the top 20 schools in Queensland based on average NAPLAN scores for the previous five years.

The school’s motto of ‘Personal Best’ aptly describes the Grammar approach; a place where students are strongly encouraged and supported to adopt the mindset of striving for their best, whatever that may be to them, both inside and beyond the classroom. This does not mean the expectation is that every student achieves an A, rather, it is about every student always trying to do their very best.

Our Approach

Grammar’s academic outcomes, at both our primary schools in Townsville and our high school, are the result of several factors:

  • High behavior standards which leads to maximised teaching time
  • A teaching and learning approach that centres around the individual learner
  • A well-developed culture of learning
  • Significant investment in professional development for teachers

A Grammar School offers a particular style of education that centres around delivering an exceptional program in a respectful and values-based environment. 

A Grammar education encapsulates the essence of a traditional, well-rounded learning experience. Rooted in a strong culture of learning, Townsville Grammar School stands as a beacon of academic excellence amongst other primary schools in Townsville. With a track record of consistently surpassing benchmarks in NAPLAN and Year 12 results, the school's commitment to fostering 'Personal Best' resonates deeply. Our dedication to individualised learning, high behavior standards and continuous teacher development contribute to the remarkable academic outcomes witnessed across our primary and secondary schools in Townsville. 

Contact our Annandale campus on 07 4412 4800, or our North Shore campus on 07 4412 6600, or to discuss enrolment at our primary schools in Townsville. Or, Contact our North Ward campus on 07 4722 4900 to discuss enrolment, open days and tours of our secondary school. 

Bonus Intra Melior Exi
North Ward Campus

45 Paxton Street
North Ward Qld 4810

4722 4900

(Years 7-12 Day & Boarding)

Annandale Campus

1 Brazier Drive
Annandale Qld 4814

4412 4800

(Pre-Prep to Year 6)

North Shore Campus

North Shore Boulevard
Burdell Qld 4818

4412 6600

(Pre-Prep to Year 6)