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Thank you for your interest in enrolment at Townsville Grammar School, your application is warmly invited.  Families are warmly invited to arrange a tour of any of our three Campuses.


Our Enrolment Process

Our Enrolment Procedure:
Enrolling is a two-part process, as is outlined below:

1. Enrolment Application

2. Confirmation of Enrolment

Enrolment Applications:  

  • Complete the online enrolment application form.
  • Provide a copy of your child's Birth Certificate.  
  • Provide a copy of your child's latest school report (for those who have attended school).
  • Payment of the $150 Application Fee (see below for payment options) through the secure digital portal.

Confirmation of Enrolment

  • The enrolment application is processed and parents are advised of availability of placement.  Digital enrolment confirmation forms will be provided to parents.
  • Complete enrolment confirmation forms
  • Payment of the $350 Confirmation Fee through the secure digital portal

Please note: completing  the Application Form and providing accompanying documentation does not guarantee a position at the School. Each Application is reviewed and parents will be contacted regarding the offer of a place.