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Community & Leadership

One of the hallmarks of a Grammar education is the School's commitment to community service and developing a service mindset in our young Grammarians.

Community service is introduced to our youngest students through awareness and fundraising days for various charities and campaigns throughout the year. As students progress through Junior School, opportunities for leadership and community service increase through camps, tours, community and school-based activities, and leadership programs including the Melior Exi Program.

Melior Exi Program

The Melior Exi Program provides a unique learning experience for students in Year 6. The program helps to build self esteem, confidence and community mindedness in our young Grammarians. 

The program consists of four phases:

  1. Students learn a new skill in an area that is of interest to themselves.  
  2. Students are involved in servant leadership through a number of community based activities.
  3. Students participate in a range of physical challenges that include hiking and abseiling.
  4. Students complete a presentation to their peers and parents of the new skill they have been attempting to master.
School Leadership

Students in Year 5 participate in a leadership camp and various leadership activities throughout the year as they learn about the qualities of an effective leader and how to identify these in themselves and others, in preparation for Year 6 leadership positions.

Leadership opportunities are offered to Year 6 students in the form of  School,  Music, Community Service and Sports Captains. Positions on student sub-committees are also available. These leadership roles and groups are involved with Junior School events and service activities throughout the year, including some events that involve the Secondary School (P-12 connection).