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Outdoor Education Benefits at Townsville Grammar School QLD

Posted date: 8 January 2024
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Outdoor education is an important aspect of building confident learners and is something we at Townsville Grammar School are passionate about. We are one of eight Grammar schools in Queensland and a top-performing academic institution in our region. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of outdoor education and what junior and secondary school students can learn with us.

Building Positive Relationships with the Environment

One of the key reasons why we offer outdoor education at our Townsville secondary schools is that it helps students learn more about nature and the world around them. Young Grammarians who are given the chance to interact in the great outdoors develop a stronger sense of respect and appreciation for our beautiful Australian landscape. This is all part of our ongoing commitment to developing leadership and service mindsets in Queensland students.

Improved Mental Health & Well-Being

Another benefit of outdoor education is that it supports students’ mental health and well-being. Learning outside the classroom has been found to reduce anxiety and boredom in students, and we carefully structure our outdoor education activities to ensure students are appropriately challenged and supported. The vegetable gardens and green space at our Townsville secondary schools are just the start of our commitment to outdoor learning and adventure.

Sense of Adventure & Discovery

Speaking of adventure, we know students can benefit from a break to get some fresh air and explore the world around them. Outdoor education at Townsville secondary schools gives growing Australians a chance to better understand their environment and learn to take care of the world they live in. They can also discover new skills through the Duke of Edinburgh program, complete with outdoor adventure training. The leadership skills students learn through these opportunities will help them become more involved in their school and wider community.

Embrace Outdoor Education at Townsville Secondary Schools

As you can see, there are many advantages to outdoor education for young Australians as they grow into future leaders. Townsville Grammar School is proud to offer academic excellence and outdoor education opportunities for Queensland secondary students. Feel free to contact us online to learn more.

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