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Building a Learning Culture In Our Secondary School in Townsville

Posted date: 4 October 2023
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Widely known for its long-standing position as the leader across both primary and secondary schools in Townsville for academic outcomes, Townsville Grammar School’s success is due to a ‘culture’ of learning.

A Grammar School offers a particular style of education that has traditionally been considered strongly academic. Whilst holding strongly to the pursuit of academic development for all students, Townsville Grammar School’s ethos is to deliver an exceptional education in a values-based environment. But what does that actually mean?

Our Ethos

An exceptional education our secondary school in Townsville is delivered through:

  • An intensive, co-ordinated and traditional approach to teaching and learning in the classroom.
  • High behaviour standards which means that teachers have maximised time for teaching.
  • Significant investment in teacher professional development, review and renewal.
  • An environment that models respect, manners, courtesy and personal development.
  • A pastoral care program that centres on personal character strengths, resilience, wellbeing and service to others.
  • A wide range of co-curricular options with sport, performing and creative arts, and a range of activities such as debating, public speaking, cooking, environment, fitness and personal development.
  • A school culture that honours tradition, history and heritage and is active in the community through service.

The focused and traditional approach to teaching and learning ensures that students learn in an environment with high behaviour standards where it is the ‘norm’ to strive for personal best.

Supporting Your Child’s Potential

Grammar’s approach centres on the individual learner and how best to support each child to achieve their potential, whatever they may be to them and their area of strength and interest. It is not about every student achieving an A, it is about every student trying to do their very best, which is an important mindset for school and life beyond.

Townsville Grammar School's reputation as an academic leader in both primary and secondary schools in Townsville owes its success to a robust learning culture. By tailoring education to each student's potential and fostering the mindset of trying their best, Grammar equips students for success not only in school but also in the journey of life. Contact our North Ward campus on 07 4722 4900 to discuss enrolment, open days and tours of our secondary school. 

Bonus Intra Melior Exi
North Ward Campus

45 Paxton Street
North Ward Qld 4810

4722 4900

(Years 7-12 Day & Boarding)

Annandale Campus

1 Brazier Drive
Annandale Qld 4814

4412 4800

(Pre-Prep to Year 6)

North Shore Campus

North Shore Boulevard
Burdell Qld 4818

4412 6600

(Pre-Prep to Year 6)