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Transition Programs

Students are carefully transitioned at vital stages of their Pre-Prep to Year 12 educational journey.

Pre-Prep to Prep

Our youngest Grammarians are carefully introduced to the "big school" throughout the year by visiting the library, joining in with school events and celebrations and eventually with visits to the Prep precinct.

This ensures that their move to Prep is smooth and confident with the children becoming familiar with the layout of the school, the staff and teachers, the bell and the general culture of the school.

Prep to Year 1

Our Prep students are a part of the Junior School from day one. Although they have a dedicated Prep precinct, the children attend assemblies, sports carnivals, school events and participate in specialist lessons and co-curricular activities. This year prepares the students well for their move to Year 1 classrooms and general playground and eating areas.

Year 5 to Year 6

Students are involved in learning about leadership, in preparation for their Year 6 experience as leaders of the Junior School. During the year the students learn about the character strengths and qualities of effective leaders, and start to identify these traits in both themselves and their peers.

The Year 5 Leadership Camp is an opportunity for the cohort to engage in team-oriented activities that serve to strengthen their leadership and collaborative skills.

Year 6 to Year 7

As leaders of the Junior School, Year 6 students have many opportunities to demonstrate leadership through school events, interschool events and community activities. As part of this year, Junior School leaders will often join with the Secondary School leaders in representing Townsville Grammar School.

Throughout Year 6, students have opportunities to visit the North Ward Campus to start to familiarise with the campus and daily life of the secondary school.

The Year 7 Information Night in Term 3 is an ideal opportunity for families to meet with the Year 7 curriculum and pastoral team, in preparation for the transition.

Year 7

Townsville Grammar School's Year 7 Program is designed to bridge the gap between upper primary and early secondary school. Students in Years 7-9 form the "Middle School" and their classrooms and social areas are located in the Middle School precinct. Year Level Coordinators are also based in this precinct providing another level of pastoral support.

The Year 7 program is supported by a pastoral care approach that incorporates social and emotional development opportunities. The Year 7 Camp and the Melbourne Tour are two fantastic opportunities during the year for the students to develop independence, to build friendships and cohesiveness as a cohort.

Learn more about the Year 7 Program by downloading the brochure below.

Year 9 to Year 10

Leadership is a key focus in Year 9 and each student has the responsibility of looking after their Year 7 buddy. Throughout Semester 2, a large focus is given to subject selection and preparing students for their transition to Senior School. Participation in student-led committees is also encouraged.

Year 10 Year 10 is a vital and formative year in the development of effective habits for success in the Senior years of study and for life beyond school. An extensive program that emphasises inter-personal and academic organisational skills, goal setting and prioritising is presented to prepare the students for the senior subject selection process.

Year 10 at Townsville Grammar School is also a time for citizenship growth as each student commits to a year long service learning project.