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Business & Humanities

This faculty has two distinct streams of subjects - Business and Humanities.

All students in Years 7 and 8 study the core Business and Humanities subjects covering History, Geography, Civics & Citizenship and Economics & Business. In Year 9 to 12 a  range of Business and Humanities electives are offered.

The study of Business and Humanities facilitates the development of knowledge, skills, attitude and values which enable students to participate as active and informed citizens in a democratic society within a global community.

Studying Business and Humanities subjects provides students with wonderful opportunities to experience subjects which have a genuine connectedness with the ‘real world’ through excursions, guest speakers and practical activities. For example; Senior Legal Studies participate in Mooting Competitions through Bond University and Year 9 and 10 Business Studies students, along with those studying Senior Economics participate virtually in the share market through the ASX Share Market Game. Additionally,  Geography students participate in excursions to gather information in the field, while History students explore local museums and are visited by guest speakers.

Learn more | Download the Subject Handbook or contact our Head of Faculty:

Mrs Naomi Agostino
Head of Faculty - Business & Humanities